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Shadow of a Dream

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YoUr In mY wOrLd NoW!

There is beauty in EVERY imperfection.
Charming, aren't they....


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This is my site about Hanson.  If you came here by accident then leave now! if not well then take a look around and enjoy!

Ok. So this is my first site.  Please be patient!  This is where I'll post updates.  So keep checking back for more.
June 29:
Hey guys! I'm really really sorry I havn't updated in a while.  I promise I will.  I'm not taking down this site.  So just be patient.  Laters!
May 25:
Sorry It's been so long since I've updated.  I'm busy so updates are gonna be few and far between, but when I update...It'll be momma updates!  hehe  I added some pics, and chapters 10-12 of Shadow of a Dream.
Mar 30:
I added chapters 7-9 in Shadow of A Dream.  I also added a few pics.  Be sure to go check it out.  Also don't forget to sign my gbook!
Mar 21
I added a new page of pics to Hanson.  I also added a new long story called Normal.  Go check it out!  Let me know what you think about it!
Mar 15
I added a new guestbook so be sure to sign it, and leave your thoughts!  I'm working on the story Normal, so it'll be up soon.  Laters!

Hanson Are:

Isaac (Ike): vocals, lead, electric, and acoustic guitar
Taylor (Tay): vocals, keyboards, percussions, harmonica
Zachary (Zac): vocals, drums


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