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Shadow of a Dream
Until We Meet Again


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I sat at the airport waiting for my dad to pick me up from my job.  In Hawaii theres only a few jobs that a girl my age can get, well actually theres quite a few, but I didnt really like to work hard, so my dad got me a job as one of the girls who waited outside the airport and gave leis (Hawaiian necklaces made of flowers) to al the tourists.  It was a pretty good job.  And I get to meet a lot of people.  There was this one guy I meet today.  He was really cute.  He had long blonde hair, tanned skin, and light brown eyes.  After I gave him the lei, he asked my name.  I told him it was Adalehna.  He tried saying it once but couldnt get it right so I told him to call me Lehna.  He told me his name was Zac.  Then he asked for my number.  I was flattered, no guy had ever asked for my number.  So I decided to give it to him. 

Later that day, when I was waiting for my dad, I got a phone call saying that he wasnt going to be able to make it.  So I got my stuff and started walking out to look for a cab.  I looked at how much money I had and decided I would have to walk home.  Then I heard him.

"Lehna! Hi!"  I turned to see the guy I had given my number to.

"Hi Zac!"

"Are you going to walk home? Because, you know if you are, I mean, instead of walking that is, we could share a cab."  He looked at me with those beautiful light brown eyes.

"Zac, thanks for the offer, but I dont have enough money to pay."

"I'll pay for it."  After long consideration I decided to let him pay and we would take a cab together.  Little did I know that the cab ride would blossom into something a little more than kindness.


We started hanging out with each other and immediately became really good friends.  Then one thing led to another and he asked me out.  Of course the only thing was that he would be going home soon and then we wouldnt be able to be together, but I was falling for him hard, so I decided to take the consequences.  We were nearly inseparable for the two weeks his family was here.  Thats when I learned that he was a famous pop star and that he was a drummer (my fav!) and that he had turned 17 in October.  We literally learned everything we could about each other.  I had the best time of my life.  Then the bad part came when he told me he had to leave.  He came over to my house that day, his face sunken with sadness, and surprised me

"Lehna, I have to tell you something."  I led him into my room and he looked me in the eyes and continued.  "Were leaving today.  Im sorry I didnt tell you sooner, but I just found out.  Something happened with the record company and we have to go back early."

We both sat on the edge of my bed staring at the floor.  We didnt know what to say to one another.  I didnt want him to leaveI mean I know he has toand I knew that he was going to sooner or later.  But I just didnt think it would be this soon.  I mean hes rich for crying out loud!  He could build a house here!

He slowly turned to me as I stayed staring at the floor.  "Lehna, I'm real sorry."  I turned to face him.  His eyes were glossy and he had tear stains on his rosy cheeks.

"Zac, its not your fault.  You couldnt help it."  He looked back at the floor and closed his eyes.  "Zac, sweetie, look at me."  He shook his head no and turned away from me.  "Please baby," He slowly turned back to me and raised his teary eyes up to mine.  ", please dont cry."  I scooted next to him and pulled him to me, resting his cheek on my chest. "Shh...its gonna be ok."  I almost forced myself to say that.  It really wasnt going to be ok.  Tears were slowly streaming down my cheeks.  I remembered my mother used to hold me like this and say the exact same thing to me, before she passed away.  I also remembered that she use to sing me a song.  I gathered all my strength and began to sing to Zac, like my mother used to sing to me:


"Aloha `oe, aloha `oe

E ke onaona noho i ka lipo

One fond embrace,

A ho`i a`e au

Until we meet again"

He looked up at me and smiled, "That was beautiful.  What does it mean?"  I smiled at him.

"It means Farewell to you, farewell to you.  The charming one who dwells in the shaded bowers.  One fond embrace, 'Ere I depart.  Until we meet again.  Thatll be our song.  Whenever youre lonely and thinking of me, you can sing that song until the day we meet again."  I smiled at him and brushed my fingertips over his cheek.

"Lehna, do you think we will meet again?" he asked me, concern in his eyes.

"Baby, I promise we will meet again."  Zacs cell phone rang suddenly.  He got up and walked out to the hall.  I couldnt hear much.  Then he walked in, looking at the floor.

"I have to go back to finish packing," I stood up, walked over to him, and put my arms around him.  "I'll call you before we leave for the airport, ok?"  I nodded and he leaned down and softly pressed his lips against mine.  It was the sweetest, bestest kiss we ever had.  We slowly pulled away from each other, not wanting to let go.  Then he turned around, walked out the front door, and too his car.  After he left I ran to my bed and threw myself on it crying my heart out.


Zac had called me earlier to tell me that his family was on their way to the airport.  I was late.  There was a traffic jam and I had a hard time getting out of it.  I finally rushed to the airport and ran to the terminal.  I couldnt find his gate!  I rushed by people, running, trying to find him.  I ran all over the terminal and couldnt find him.  Then I stopped, out of breathe, and sat down on one of the chairs.  I pulled my knees to my chest and began crying.  Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a familiar voice.

"Miss, why are you crying?  Did your boyfriend leave you?"   I smiled and turned around

"Zac!" I jumped up and hugged him.  I thought your flight was suppose to leave at 5:00." 

"It was suppose to but it got delayed.  So I guess you are one lucky girl."  Then a voice came on the speaker for the people flying to Tulsa, Ok to board the plane.  "Well baby, his voice quivered I guess this is it."  Tears started forming in my eyes as I walked him to the gate.  We hugged each other hard and kissed our last kiss.

"Until we meet again..." I sang to him.  His parents called him and we let go of each other slowly.  I watched as he walked into the gate until I couldnt see him anymore.  Tears slipped down my cheeks.  I ran to the window to watch the plane take off.  I put my hand and my forehead on to the cold window surface.  I watched as his plane slowly drove on to the freeway and made its way into the sky.  I felt my heart brake in two as I repeated, "Until we meet again."  I watched  as his plane slowly disappeared into the atmosphere.  I turned around and walked out of the airport, my head hanging low, and tears sliding down my cheeks.  I went to my car, got in, turned the key in the ignition and left home.  I never imagined I would see him again.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*10 years later *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I couldnt believe I had taken the job as a journalist in Los Angeles, California.  Well, I guess I didnt have anything stopping me, since my dad had died three years earlier.  I had always wanted to be a journalist, but just never got a chance to.  Now heres my chance!  I decided to go sightseeing before lunch.  One of the women working with me told me about this really great outdoor café.  And the weather was beautiful.  I got to the café and put all my bags down next to me.  The waiter came over, which was a cute one, to take my order.  After I ordered, I took out my journal and started writing about all of the wonderful things.  I looked up and saw a man sitting in the table in front of me.  He was very handsome, with short blonde hair and tanned skin.  He was also very well dressed with dark sunglasses on.  He looked at me, and I looked back at my journal, blushing.  My food came and I began eating, but I noticed that man that was sitting in front of my kept staring at me.  I quickly finished my food and gathered my bags, afraid that he might jump me, or something.  I walked over to my car, and put my bags into my trunk, and closed it.  Thats when it happened.

"Lehna?" I was shocked. No one had called my by that name in over ten years!  I slowly turned around and saw the man from the café. 

"Excuse me sir, but do I know you?" I asked reaching for my pepper spray in my purse.

"Lehna, its me Zac."  And he took off his sunglasses to reveal my long lost love.  I couldnt believe it.  Of all places and all times, I didnt know what to say.

"Oh my God! Zac?"  He came over to me and hugged me, the same way he did in Hawaii.  It felt so good to feel him again.  He let go of me and looked into my eyes.

"Looks like you can keep your promises.  We met again."  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  "Do you want to go get some coffee, and maybe catch up on everything?"  I nodded.  We walked to his car and drove off into each others lives once again.

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