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Shadow of a Dream
Wish You Were Mine


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Chapter 1


We were all at Jesse and Jerseys house.  Kind of a post Valentines Day party.  I saw Kristah walk in with Josh.  I hated the sight of him.  I literally felt my stomach start to churn when he walked past me.  I wont lie, I despise him.  I just dont know why yet.

Kristah walked over to me and the gang.  The gang was our nickname.  It consisted of me, Ike Tay (sometimes), Kristah, Jesse and her twin Jersey, Steve, and Joe.  Josh walked over to the jock side of the room.  Which consisted of Tom (Jesse and jerseys older brother) Josh, Blake, Kyle, Grahm, and a bunch of school cheerleaders.

God Kristah looked beautiful today.  She had her long brown curly hair down.  She wore a light pink dress that carresed her sun-kissed body.  Her beautiful honey eyes were sparkling like diamonds.

"So, Kristah, how was your Valentines Day?" Jersey asked with a smile on her face.

"Well, I didnt want to say anything but," she picked up her left hand and showed the ring.  "Josh and I are engaged!"  She, Jesse and Jersey started squealing and began to talk about the wedding.

Shes getting married?  Shes barely 17!  How can she even do that?  And God, the ring was horrible!  Nothing like what she had told me what she wanted when we were younger.  This ring was gold, which she hated, and had one small little diamond in the middle, and on each side of the diamond was a silver strip.  It was grotesque.

"Hey can I see the ring?" I asked.  I just wanted an excuse to hold her hand, I know it.  She walked over to me and put out her hand.  I grabbed it and inspected the ring.  Geez, not only was it revolting, but it looked two sizes to big for her! "Wow," I gulped "its pretty."  I had to spit out the word.  Otherwise it would not have come out.  She smiled at me and walked back over to Jesse and Jersey.

I couldnt believe what I was hearing.  How can she be getting married?  Especially with that ape of a man, or should I say boy.  He doesnt even deserve the title man.  Not with the way he treats Kristah.  Shes so loving and caring and gullible.  And he takes advantage of that and cheats on her.  And the worst part about it is that she pretends not to know.  Only I know better.  Because I am the one she comes to when hes broken her heart, I am the one she calls when she has nightmares about him, I am the one she comes to in the middle of the night to feel safe, its me!  So why is she marrying him?  Its just not fair. 
"Hey can I see the ring?"  Zac asked me.  I was a little uncertain about showing it to him, but I walked over and held out my hand. He inspected the ring.  I could tell he didn't like it at all.  "Wow," he gulped "it's pretty."  Liar.  I smiled at him my most fake smile and walked over to Jesse and Jersey.
"So," Jersey started "have you decided on where your going to get married?"  She looked at me with wide eyes.
"I haven't even told my parents yet!  You expect me to know where I'm getting married?!"  Jesse and Jersey looked at me with shock.  "Well, I am only seventeen years old.  I do need my parents permission first."
"So when are you going to tell your parents?"   Jesse asked.]
"I'm not."
"What?!?!"  They both asked in unision.
I looked over at Zac and his friends.  They were all talking to each other except Zac.  I stared at him.  He was sitting off to the side, staring at the floor.  He lifted his eyes to me and then quickly looked away.  "Becuase,"  I replyed. "I'm not ready to give up on my dreams."

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