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Shadow of a Dream
Skydiving Adventure


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Hey, just to let you know, I actually used this story for a paper for my college english class!  And my instructor gave me an A+!!! So yeah, this story might have a few mistakes cuz I typed it here, very late at night.  So anyways, read on!

            "Liz, I dare you to go skydiving on your birthday."

  Skydiving, I think, is the most dangerous sport in the world.  I could have a heart attack because I am scared, or my parachute will not open, and I fall to my death.  I would never try skydiving. 

            It was the night before my eighteenth birthday, and my so-called best friend, Zac Hanson, was daring me to try skydiving.  He stood in my doorway with his arms crossed in front of his chest.  I stared at him for a while.  He looked very handsome that night.  He is tall, about six feet two inches.  He has long dirty-blonde hair.  He has a nice build, and tanned skin.  I love his soft, pink, thick lips, and his chocolate brown eyes.   

"That is crazy!  I have never done anything in my entire life that could actually endanger it!"                              

The most exciting thing I had ever done, until that point, was learning how to drive a car! Although I would like to have a little excitement in my life, skydiving is just too dangerous.  I would not want anything bad to happen to myself.  After he left, I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about skydiving.  How many deaths are actually reported concerning skydiving?  I had not heard of any in the news.  It would be great to feel what it is like to fly.  I contemplated my situation and came up with no solution.  I closed my eyes, and dreamed about flying.

I woke up the next morning to the singing of the song "Happy Birthday" by my family.  I crawled out of bed and dressed myself for the day.  Zac came into my room when I was combing my hair. 

"So, are you going to try skydiving?" 

I looked at him in annoyance and continued to comb my hair. 

"If you are scared, all you have to do is say so." 

             I looked back at him and replied, "If you give me one-hundred dollars, then Ill try skydiving."  

He took out his wallet and handed me one-hundred dollars.  That was not supposed to happen.  He was supposed to just give up and leave me alone. 

"Well, since you're giving me this much money to try skydiving, why not just pay for the whole thing?"

"This is as much as I have to give you.  Take it or leave it." 

I decided in that moment that I would put an end to my childish, uneventful ways.  I was going to try skydiving.  I took the money out of his hand, grabbed my purse, and headed out of the door.  We both climbed into my car and drove to the skydiving airport.

            When we arrived, I told the young man at the front desk that I would like to skydive.  He checked my age and told me that I would have to complete a two-hour course before I could do anything.  I agreed and paid the two-hundred-and-fifty dollars for the course and equipment.  During the course, the man taught me how to use the equipment, where the lollipop handle was incase the parachute did not work, and that I would be going with one of their expert skydivers strapped to my back.  He was for precautionary reasons.  Towards the middle of the course, I started to feel very nervous.  My hands started sweating, and my body began shaking.  Then, it was time to change into the jumpsuit.

            The instructor and I started to walk to the plane.  Zac wished me good luck, and that he would be waiting for me when I touched down.  We climbed into the small airplane and took off for the sky.  I was very nervous sitting in the airplane.  My knees felt like they had turned to jelly.  My stomach began churning, and my heart started pounding. 

Once we reached the appropriate height, the instructor strapped ourselves together and told me not to worry.  He had done this a hundred times.  The door was opened for us, and we stepped to the edge.  I could see little houses and vehicles in the distance.  Just then, as if in slow motion, the instructor counted to three, and we jumped.  I could feel my heart stop.  My stomach felt like it was about to pop out of my mouth.  My arms and legs went numb.  My vision turned hazy, and my memory went blank.  I did not know what was happening.  Then, I saw the ground. 

I could feel the instructor tied to my back.  My arms and legs were outstretched.  I was flying!  I could feel the wind whipping by my body.  It was an incredible feeling.  The instructor told me to hang on while he pulled the cord for the parachute.  All of a sudden, I felt my body jerk up, as if it were being pulled up with a string.  The parachute opened, and we glided to the ground.  The ground was getting close quickly.  Then, the instructor told me to brace myself for the impact.  We hit the ground and fell over. 

Zac came running over to us, "Was it fun?" 

I looked at him and smiled, "It was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt.  You should try it."

"We both know that I am only seventeen years old, so Im not old enough.  Plus, I dont have enough money to pay for everything."  He looked at me and smiled.

"Well, in a year, when you turn eighteen, I am bringing you back here!"  We both started laughing.

            We went home that night and I told stories to my family about how scared I was, and how I felt like I was flying.  I never thought I would skydive, but now, I'm glad that I tried it.

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