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Shadow of a Dream


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Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1-

"God Michelle!  Why do you always have to be so difficult?  Can't you be just a normal teenager, and do normal things?" 

That was my mother.  Always wanting me to be normal.  So I wasn't Ms. Popular in school, and I wasn't on the Varsity Cheerleading squad, or Junior Varsity for that matter.  I wasn't involved in anything my mother wanted me to be involved in.  She was involved in pretty much everything during her high school years.  She was the beautiful, skinny, popular blonde that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to date.  She was captain of the Varsity cheerleading squad, and president of all her classes, and president of student council.  She was top of her graduating class, but she got by on her looks, not her studying.  I was different on the other hand.

I was a little chunky, ok maybe a little more than a little chunky but hey there's just more of me to love!  I wasn't involved in any sort of extracurricular activities.  I studied my ass off every night, and I didnt have many friends.  I was a loner, and my mother hated it.  She wanted me to be like her.  I would never be like her.  Even if it killed me.

I was on the computer chatting with people around the world when my mother started getting mad.

"You always sit at that damned computer talking with people youll never meet instead of making friends with the people at school!"  I turned away from her and looked back at the computer screen.  I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her.  She tries way to hard.

"Mom, Im busy doing homework, cant you just leave me alone?!?!"  I yelled back at her.  I heard her sigh and walk out whispering the same old saying

"I work, and I slave all day long and for what? A daughter that doesnt appreciate me"

 God sometimes I wished she would just disappear, but be careful what you wish for right?  I looked back at my buddy list and decided to go into a chat room.  Maybe talk with people that were actually from the United States.  I signed on with my screen name normal. I silently laughed at the parody of the situation. was just the usual sickos and freaks signed on.  A bunch of bad-mouthing people and crap like that.  Then some weirdo started asking me to have cyber-sex with him.  I told him to fuck off and leave me alone.  Then he started saying crap about me.  I tried to make him stop and he wouldnt.  Then this other person, wishn2bdiffrnt, started telling this creep to take a hike and leave me alone.  I thanked wishn and sent him an instant message:

normal: hey thanks for that.  I couldnt get that jerk-off to leave me alone.

wishn2bdiffrnt: no problem.  Its people like them that make me want to throw-up!

Normal: lol

Normal: so you come to this chat room a lot?

Wishn2bdiffrnt: nah not really, I was just bored and decided to find me some trouble lol

Normal: lol

Norma: hey I hope you dont mind me asking but a/s/l?

Wishn2bdiffrnt: oh nah, just hope you arent some psycho killer thats gonna stalk me! J/k

Normal: uh, last time I check I wasnt hehe but you never know.youre just gonna hafta trust me!

Wishn2bdiffrnt: I think Ill trust you, 18/m currently in NY u?

Normal: currently in NY?  So you just moved there or what?

Wishn2bdiffrnt: kinda, but ill be back home in OK in a week.

Normal: hey thats cool, couldnt take the big apple or what? Lol

Wishn2bdiffrnt: no! lol to many freaks walking around at night.  They scare me! Lol

Normal: lol, yeah im 20/f/tx

Wishn2bdiffrnt: thats cool.  Where from TX are you?

Normal: Im here in good ol San Antonio lol

Wishn2bdiffrnt: cool, hey well I gotta go but ill talk to you later! Bye!

Normal: k, bye!

Wishn2bdiffrnt signed off at 11:43:49 PM


I signed off my screen name and turned off the computer.  I was soo glad that it was already spring break.  But now I have to deal with my mother...oh we go.


Chapter 2-


"So did you get a pic of him?"  My closest friend, Carly was always wanting to see pictures of hott guys.  She is very into guys, which is kind of freaky.  But thats Carly for you, I think

"No, we only talked for a while before he had to go.  But I found out he lives in Oklahoma."  I said walking across my room to throw away an empty soda can.

"Hey, thats only like six hours away from here."  She smiled and wiggled her eyebrows.  "Road Trip a bit much?"

"Get a life, Im not going over there to meet some guy that could be a fifty year old freak. No way."

"What time did you talk to him?  Maybe you should go online and see if hes online.  Then you two could hook up!"  I looked at her and rolled my eyes.  Hook up, psh thats the last thing I would do.

"I'll go online but I doubt hes on."  I walked to my computer and turned it on.  I patiently waited for the computer to start running.  Then I signed on and went into the chatroom.  Five minutes went by and still no sign of him.  "There, hes not online.  I tried."  I smiled at her and got up from my chair.  Then I heard the ringing of an instant message.  I looked at Carly and then slowly looked back at the computer screen.  There,  blinking in orange, was my new friend. 

I walked over and read what the screen said:

Wishn2bdiffrnt: Its about time you got online!  How are you?

"OMG!  He so totally likes you!" Carly giggled.  "So, are you going to IM him back?"  My heart fluttered and I sat down in my computer chair.

Normal: didnt think Id talk to you again. Lol

Wishn2bdiffrnt: I that bad?

Normal: oh thats not what I meant, its just that I didnt think youd talk to me again.  I didnt think youd be online.

Wishn2bdiffrnt: well I was bored.  So what are you up to?

Normal: Im just here at my house with my friend.

"OOO tell him I say hi!"  She was already flirting.  Jeez, does this girl ever give up?

Normal: She says hi

Wishn2bdiffrnt: well tell your friend I say hi back!

"He said hi back! That is soo cool!"  I rolled my eyes at her.  Sometimes she can be really dumb.

Wishn2bdiffrnt: So you said you were from San Antonio, TX right?

Normal: yeah, why?

Wishn2bdiffrnt: I was wondering.  So are you having an all-girl sleepover or what?

Normal: yeah youd like that wouldnt you? Lol

Wishn2bdiffrnt: well*blush*

Normal: lol no its just me and my friend here. 

Wishn2bdiffrnt: thats cool, well Ill let you two get back to what you were *clears throat* doing hehe.  Ive got to go anyways, have some stuff to do.  But Ill be on tomorrow night at the same time.  Bye!

Normal: k, till tomorrow bye!

"So, are you gonna be online tomorrow?"  Carly gave me her evil smile.

I guess well just have to wait and see.  Oh I was definitely going to be online tomorrow.

 Chapter 3:

 I walked in the front door after walking home from school.  No one was home.  My mother was probably out with some guy or whatever.  Its not like I care.  I went up stairs to my room and threw my books onto the floor.  I sighed heavily and sat down at my computer chair.  I turned on my computer and sat back, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.   I went into the bathroom to take a quick break before I actually sat down at my computer.  Then I heard the familiar beep of an instant message.  I slowly walked over the computer, my heart pounding.  It was him.  I hadnt even gotten his name or anything personal about him, but already I had a huge crush on him.  So what.

Wishn2bdiffrnt: You there?  Is your friend there...hehe...hello?

Normal: hey!  Just couldnt live without me huh? Lol

Wishn2bdiffrnt: lol, nope, I like you too much!


Uhh...did he just say that he liked me too much?  My heart fluttered at the mere thought of him actually liking me


Wishn2bdiffrnt: So anyways, I was telling my brother about you and I noticed that I dont know a lot about youso I was know if its ok with youif we could like ask questions to get to know each other betteryou know?

Woah...he wanted to get to know me better?

Normal: yeah, thatd be cool.

Wishn2bdiffrnt: cool, me first, whats your name?

Normal: my legal name is Michelle Lynn Jones, but everyone calls me chilly, you?

Wishn2bdiffrnt: well, everyone calls me Zee.  Its weird I know...but hey, whatever.

Wishn2bdiffrnt: so chel, do you mind if I call you chel? Whens your birthday?

Normal: Yes you can call me chel, and its September 5.


We kept going for almost three hours!  We learned so much about each other.  He was my perfect match.  We had everything in common.  It was kinda freaky.  Just hope that we keep talking for a long time to come

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