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Shadow of a Dream
Chapters 7-9


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Chapter 7
I could hear faint noises and muffled voices all around me.  I tried to open my eyes and felt a searing pain shoot through my head.  My eyes opened and slowly the blurry suroundings began to register.  I couldn't figure out where I was.  I didn't recognize any of the moving people.  I saw many people walking around, tending to people who were lying in beds with injuries.  I tried to get up and felt dizzy and fell back down on to the bed.  I winced at the pain and raised a hand to my head.  I felt bandages around my head.  I tried to recollect what had happened to give me the bandages but nothing came to mind.  I started to panic.  I didn't know where I was or how I had gotten there.  I quickly looked around for anything that would help me to remember.  A chubby nurse-type looking lady looked over at me and walked over smiling.  Her pudgey fingers grabed a clipboard hanging on the edge of my bed.  She walked over to me and looked at me.  "So your awake, huh?  We thought you'd be out of it for a while." What on God's green Earth was she talking about?  Be out of it for a while?
"Excuse me ma'm" I said looking at her nametag. "I mean, Joyce, uh...where am I?"  She looked at me with concern in her eyes.  Then put the clipboard down.
"Sweetie, your at the emergency room in the hospital."  Some other nurses called her name and she looked at them and signaled she would be right there.  "Your friend went to call your mother, I'm assuming he'll be right back.  If you need anything push the little buzzer and one of the nurses will come check on you" She said as she pointed at the small white buzzer on the side of my bed.  She walked out of the room and joined with the other nurses.  My friend?  Who was she talking about?  I didn't remember being with anyone.  I started to get nervous.  I reached for the buzzer to call someone to tell me what was going on.  Then, he came in.
Chapter 8:
As if on cue to answer my question, a young man, about 6 feet 2 inches with blonde hair walked into my room.  He smiled at me and came to sit next to me.  His eyes were full of worry and were puffy, as if he'd been crying.  He reached over to grab my hand and I instinctively moved it out of the way, for fear of what he might do to me.
"Whats wrong sweetie?"  He asked.  He looked very upset.  He was very beautiful.  He had a nice built body, like he could be a football player.  His hands were calloused and rough looking, yet also looked gentle.  He looked familiar, but I couldn't remember anything.  His worried features began to get more confused.  I didn't like to seem him like this.  He was too beautiful to be worried.  He needed to be smiling.  So I played along with what he said. 
"Uh...nothing, just my head hurts a lot."  He grabbed my hand gently and brought it to his soft, pink pillow-like lips.  My heart fluttered as he gently kissed my hand, letting his lips linger for a while, assuring me that the kiss was more than a "friends" kiss.  Could he be my boyfriend?  Or maybe my husband?  No,  I looked down at my ring finger and saw no ring.  So he wasn't my husband.  So who was this angel-like creature that was concerned about me.
"I just got off the phone with your mom.  She said she was going to be here as soon as she could." He continued to hold my hand and stare at me straight in the eyes.  I felt as if I should know who he was, but i just couldn't remember anything.  My mom was coming.  I should remember her.  I mean she is my mom.  Little by little I was becoming more and more scared of what could happen.  What if this man was my brother?  And he had kissed me and I liked it.  No, he can't be my brother, please dont let him be my brother.  Then a thin woman walked into the room.  I assumed her to be my mother because her eyes were puffy and red from crying.  She came over and hugged me tightly.
"Oh Liz, I can't believe this happened to you!  Are you ok?  Does it hurt baby?" hmm, my name was Liz.
"My head hurts a little.  Am I going to be able to go" I hesitated with the word, not knowing for sure if she was my mother.
"I'll go talk to them right now and find out for you."  She turned to my angel and spoke to him sternly "No you take good care of her Zac, if anything happens you call me right away, ok?"  He nodded at her and turned back to me as my mother walked out of the room.  Zac, mmm that was my angels name.  I just wanted him to tell me something, anything that would make me remember my past.
"Zac?"  I asked hesitantly  He turned to me and smiled, God he was beautiful.  "Uh, I have something to confess."  He looked at me intently, waiting to hear my secret.  I looked down at my feet and then continued, "I don't remember what happened."  I confided in him.  "I don't remember anything.  I only know your name because of what my, well I'm thinking she was my mom, had said."  I looked back over at him.  Confusion in his beautiful carmel eyes.
"You don't...remember?"  He asked.
"I don't know who you are."  I stated plainly.  He looked at me and started to cry.
"Its all my fault.  I should have protected you!"  He put his head down, touching his forehead to my hand on the bed.  It was his fault?  He let me get hurt?  A twinge of anger ran through my body.  It was his fault that I couldn't remember anything.  "Its just that they picked you up so fast and I couldn't get through the crowd to save you."  He looked back up at me, tears streaming down his face.  I couldn't save you, I'm your best friend and I couldn't even save you!"  He got up while screaming.  Then he looked at my sympathetically and walked out the room, leaving me alone.
Chapter 9:
"The doctors said that sometimes people lose their memory when they have severe trauma to the head."  My mom looked at me and explained.  "He told us to take you home and try and let you remember on your own, not to force it on you or you might have a fainting spell due to all the information flooding back into your mind."  I nodded and looked down at my hands.  Then I looked at Zac standing in the corner of the room staring at the window, not looking at me.  I felt bad for making him feel guilty about me not remembering anything.  "The doctor also told us to help you a little, like take you to your favorite places, and that hopefully you'll remember quicker."  My mom stood up and looked at me.  "I'm gonna go sign the release papers, I'll be back soon."  She kissed my forehead and walked out of the room.  Zac came by my side and looked at me.
"How did I get to the hospital?"  I asked him. 
"I drove you here in my car."  He sat down in the chair.
"How old are you?"  He looked hurt at the fact that I couldn't remember something about him.
"I'm 17.  And your 19, soon to be 20."  He gave me a small smile.  I looked at him quizzically and went on with my questions. 
"Why didn't I drive?"  I narrowed my eyes, on the verge of remember something trivial.  Like it was on the tip of my tongue.  Why doesn't he ever let me drive?  I asked myself.  Wait, he never lets me drive?
"Because I never let you drive."  My stomach fluttered at the coincidence that had occured.  I knew he never let me drive.  He wasn't my boyfriend, he was my best friend and he never let me drive.  Damn.  The next thing that was out of my mouth would surprise both of us.
"Yeah, just cause you think I'm too short to see over the dashboard huh?"  Both of our eyes widened.  Why did that sound familiar?  My mother walked in then.  She helped me out of the hospital bed and into my onw clothes.  They sat me down in a wheelchair and pushed me to the car.  Zac slid one arm under my knees and the other behind my back and effortlessly picked me up.  He held me and I looked at him.  His arms were strong yet gentle.  He turned to me and we lost ourselves in each others eyes.  My heart began to race and my cheeks blushed.  He smiled at me.
"I don't ever think I've seen you blush."  He lowered me into my mothers car and helped me with my seatbelt.  He stood there, half way in the car and looked at me.  He slightly leaned in, as if to kiss my lips but ended up kissing my forehead.  My heart sunk when he didn't press his lips to mine.  He backed out of the car.  "I'm gonna be right behind you guys.  See you at your house!"  Then he closed my door.  I saw him walk away slowly.  My mother entered the car and we drove home.  Home, I sadly thought, a place I don't remember.

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