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Shadow of a Dream
Chapters 10-12


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Chapter 10

Most of the ride back home was in silence.  It was so uncomfortable.  I searched my brain for anything to talk to my mother about. 

"How long have I known Zac?"  She looked over at me quickly and then back to the road.

"Well," she began "pretty much his entire life."  She chuckled lightly at the thought of us together.  "You two have always been best friends though.  See, you two just got along better.  Taylor and Isaac are also your good friends, but you and Zac just went together better."

"Oh," I looked out the window, afraid of asking the wrong questions, but I couldnt help but want to know my past.  "Who are Taylor and Isaac?"  She quietly sighed and then looked at me and smiled.

"Their Zacs brothers.  Were going to have to get you over to their house.  Then maybe you could remember somethings.." my mother kept talking but I zoned out.  I was thinking in my own little world.  Taylor and Isaac.  Zacs brothers.  Mmm, if they were anything like him, I might have a problem on my hands.  There was just something about Zac.  Something I needed.  Something I wanted.  But I couldnt figure out what.  My train of thought was broken when we arrived at my so-called house.  I slowly swung my legs out of the car door.  A few seconds later Zac came up in his truck.  Hmm, a black truckHe parked on the side of the road, next to the curb and got out of his truck.  Hmmmthis could be my chance.  I tried to get up, but pretended I was dizzy.  I raised my hand to my head and fell back to the seat.  Zac rushed to my side.

"Are you ok baby?"  He asked with concern in his eyes.  It took every ounce of my being not to laugh at him.  I nodded, and he smiled at me.  "Here, let me help you."  He slid his arms around me again and lifted me from the car.  He turned around and closed the door with his back side.  We looked into each others eyes again.  Electricity shot through my body.  Now I knew what it was I wanted.  He carried me inside my house and upstairs to my room.  He carefully laid me down on my bed.  He took of my shoes and pulled the covers up to my chest.  Then he sat on my bed and we stared into each others eyes.  How could it be that I love him so much when I didnt really know him?  He brought his hand to my face and gently traced my lips with his rough fingers.  He instantly pulled them away when I sighed.  I looked up at him and he looked at me, with confusion in his eyes. 

"What?  You dont like me?"  He looked at me with hurt in his eyes. 

"Of course I like you.  You're my best friend."  He added that last part hesitantly.  My heart sank at the words.  "I'm sorry Liz.  I know you don't remember anything, and I'm sorry.  I just...I need to go."  He got up and walked out the room.  What did I do wrong?  I closed my eyes, and fell into a dream filled sleep.

Chapter 11

I havent heard from Zac in a few days.  I feel kind of alone now.  I keep having the same dream and I dont understand it.  But Its always the same and it always ends the same.

I'm at someones house.  And Zac is there.  And we get into a huge argument over something.  I storm out of the house and run in the pouring rain.  He runs after me and were arguing while walking.  Then he grabs me and yells at me.  The strange thing is that is the only spoken words I remember

"Christ Liz! You keep letting guys hurt you!  When is it going to be enough?  Things happen!  It may not be the way you want it to happen but you cant stop it!"  He lets go of me and starts walking away, then he turns  back "When are you going to let all that go and look at what youve got right in front of you!" "What are you saying?" I ask.  "Me, Liz!"

Then I wake up.  Why do I keep having that dream.  I decided I would make the first move and call the number Zac had left for me by my phone.

"Hello?"  A cheerful male voice picked up.  It was unfamiliar.  I froze and didnt know what to do or say.  "Hello?"  They asked again, a little annoyed.

"Hello" I said quietly.

"Liz?  Liz is that you?"  My heart skipped a beat.  Who was this person?

"Yeah. Its me." I answered back.

"Oh my God, Liz, how are you doing?  Are you ok?  Zac told me and Isaac about everything that happened.  How are you feeling?"  I was mentally stressed at all the questions being thrown at me.  Did this man know I had amnesia and couldnt remember the simple pleasures that was known as my life?

"I uh...have been better." There was a pause.  "Zac didnt tell you did he?"

"Tell me what?"  The voice asked in confusion.

"That I..uhh.." I found it hard to communicate my problems with an unknown being. "I have amnesia." There was a quiet gasp on the other end.  Then silence that was driving me crazy.

"I am so sorry Liz.  Uh, this is me, Taylor."  Oh, Taylor, my angels brother.

"Oh, uh hi."  Is Zac around?

"Actually no he is'nt.  He hasnt been home much.  Hes always out with some girl."  I felt a twinge of jealousy, and anger.  Out with another girl? 

"Oh," I replied quietly.  There was a silence.  Tears began to stroll down my face.

"Hey Liz, do you think, I mean you dont have to if you dont want to..." I was beginning to wonder what he was gonna ask, nah, nevermind.

"No, what?  Tell me."  I pleaded.  I hate secrets.

"Well, can I pick you up and take you somewhere?  You know, to talk.  And so I can see you?"  He asked so gently.  I began to say no, but then the thought of Zac out with another girl came skipping in my mind.

"Yeah, Taylor, I'd like that.  Maybe it will help me remember."

"Ok, cool, I'll be there in ten minutes."

We hung up and I ran to my room.  I had to get dressed.  I was so nervous.  Now Zac would pay.

Chapter 12

 I gave myself a quick look-over before heading down the stairs.  I decided on wearing a light blue skirt and white baby-tee I had in the back of my closet.  I put on some white sandals and headed down stairs.  Two minutes before Taylor would get here.  I wonder what hes like.  I wonder what he looks like?  I wonder if Ill remember?  The sudden ringing of the doorbell tore me away from my thoughts.  I smoothed my hair, and clothing and grasped the doorknob tightly.  I nervously breathed in air before opening the door.  Boy was I in for a surprise.


He was beautiful.  He had blonde hair that was shorter than Zacs, and the most amazing blue eyes.  He smiled at me and looked me up and down.


"Wow, I dont think Ive ever seen you wear a skirt."  He flashed me a dazzling smile.  I blushed and shyly smiled back.  "And I don't think I've ever seen you blush."


"Well," I started "It happens to the best of us."


"So are you ready to go?"  I nodded and we headed out the door.  We climbed into his black Volkswagon Jetta.  Black seems to be the color for cars for the Hansons.  After about a minute of uncomfortable silence, I decided to break the ice.


"So where are we going?"  He quickly looked at me then turned back to the road and smiled.


"Some place special."


"Special between you, or special between you and me?"  He laughed at my question as we turned on to a familiar street.


"You could say its special between me and you."  He patted my knee.  His warm, gentle hand lingering, which drove me crazy.  He knows just how to touch me.  We pulled up to a small parking lot.  He parked the car and slowly turned it off.  He looked at me and motioned to a pier up a head.  I squinted into the distance.  He opened his door and climbed out of the car.  I did the same, following him down the path to the pier.  We walked out to the edge and leaned on the railing.  I sucked up the scenery.  It was so beautiful, and peaceful.  I couldnt imagine being anywhere else that was so serine.


"Have I been here before?"  He turned to me, taken aback by the question.


"Yeah."  He stated.  He looked around, then scooted closer to me.  "You see this is a special place between us because this is where we shared our first kiss."  I looked at him with wide eyes.  He placed a soft hand on my check and slowly bent down closer to my face.  He stopped millimeters from it.  His hot breathe mingling with my own.  My lips yearned to be touched by his.  I wanted to remember so badly this time that he spoke of.  "Can I?" he asked for permission.  I nodded slightly, still in shock of what was happening.  He leaned in, and our lips finally met.  A surge of electricity shot through my body.  He wrapped his arms around me.  He was strong and gentle.  Just like Zac.  Wait.  Zac.  I tore away from him and looked at him, horrified at what had just happened.


"Taylor, Im sorry, but..." tears began to stream down my face.


"Whats wrong sweetie?"  He asked, sincerity in his eyes.


"I just...I cant.  Not right now.  Im sorry," I cast my blurred eyes to the floor.  He placed a finger under my chin and raised my face to his. 


"It's ok.  I understand."  We stared at each other for a while before he spoke again.  "Come on.  Lets get you home."