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Shadow of a Dream
Chapters 4-6


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Chapter 4

I woke up from another sleepless night.  Ok, so its been a week, no, correction, its been six days since the last time I talked to Zac.  Since that day in the rain.  Its just so weird, what happened I mean.  I keep running the events over and over in my head, and Im driving myself insane.  Im literally sick of thinking about it.  Its just what he said, thats got me so confused. 

"When are you going to let all that go and look at what youve got right in front of you!" "What are you saying?" "Me, Liz!"

God, I dont know what to do anymore.  You know what...I'm gonna get over it because it was just something he said.  It didn't mean anything.

"Liz, come down here!  You have company!"  My mother called from the bottom of the stairs.  I looked at my clock, 9:30 in the morning.  Geez, who would be here that early in the morning, dont they know I like sleep?  I slowly dragged myself out of bed and began to get dressed.

"I'll be right down mom!"  I called back as I stumbled into my pants.  Then I oh-so-gracefully (and I'm being sarcastic) put on a shirt that was laying on the floor.  I went into the tiny bathroom in my room and brushed my teeth and washed my face.  I took a good look into the mirror and saw my bloodshot, puffy eyes staring back at me.  Man was I a mess.  I stepped into my blue fuzzy slippers and started walking down the steps.  Boy was I in for a surprise.


Chapter 5

I walked into the living room to find the one and only Zac Hanson staring at all the pictures on the wall. 

"Geez man do you know what time it is?"   He looked at me and smiled.

"Well good morning to you sunshine!"  oooo I just wanted to strangle him.  He pulled something out of his back pocket and held it behind his back. 

"What do you have there?" I asked, trying to look over his shoulder, unsuccessfully I might add. 

"Well you gonna have to beg for it."  I squinted my eyes at him and he smiled.  There was no way I was begging for anything.

"I refuse to lower myself to begging." I put my hand up and turned my face to the side "If it is really that important you will remove your hands from behind your back and show me what you have."  God I felt so good.

"Ok, its not important, Ill see you later!"  He started walking to the door.  Wait, what just happened?  He's leaving?  No, I want to know what he has!

"Zac! Please dont make me beg..."  He smiled his hugest smile in the entire world.  "Why are you smiling?" I asked.

"Because Im the coolest person in the world!" I gave him my strangest look. Then he took his hands out from behind his back and revealed two concert tickets. "Our Lady Peace, this Saturday, you and me." I nearly peed in my pants.  Our Lady Peace is my favorite band, besides Hanson hehe.

"OH MY GOD! Are you serious?" I screamed and jumped on him and hugged him. "How did you get these tickets? They were sold out!  Ive been trying to find some!"

"Well, thats for me to know and you never to find out." He said smiling. I tried grabbing one of the tickets he had, but he kept waving them over my head.  He finally gave one to me. 

"So, is this a date?" I asked smiling.

"What?  A date?  No.  Never!"  He winked at me.  Whoa, thats the first time hes ever winked at me...I've seen him do it to other girls, much prettier ones...hmm.


Chapter 6

"So are you ready yet or do I have to circle the block again?"  Zac called me from his cell phone.  I had made him go around the block because I wasn't ready for the concert yet.  I was so excited. 

"No, I'm ready, you can come now."  I smiled.  We hung up and I ran downstairs to the living room, grabing my purse and checking in my full length mirror one last time to make sure I looked good.  I was wearing some black leather pants, with a dark blue, satin sleevless shirt, and my black American Eagle boots. 

I heard the doorbell ring and I ran dowstairs.  "Ok mom, I'm leaving now.  I'll be back after the concert.  Love you!"

"Just be carefull sweetie, and make sure you stay with Zac at ALL times.  I don't want you getting hurt, ok?" My mother looked at me from the top of her book she was reading.

"Mom, I have been to concerts before.  He-llo! Do you remember Hanson?"  She rolled her eyes at me and I answered the door.  I saw Zac standing at the door.  God, he looked good.  He was wearing black pants, a red button-up shirt, and doc marten boots.  And he smelled sooo good too.

"Hi mom!" he waved to my mother. "I'll bring her back in one piece so don't worry!"  My mother laughed and wished us a good time and we walked out the door.  We both piled into his black Ford F250.  The ride to the concert was pretty much quiet.  Just conserving energy for the concert.  Then the arena came into view and we slowly pulled into a parking space.  We both rushed out of the truck and to the gate.  There wasn't a long line.  Of course we were like three hours early. 

After we got inside, we went to the memorabillia area and bought some shirts and patches and such.  Then, after we had pretty much spent every dollar we had, we went to the concert area and found some tables in the back to sit at.  The concert area was huge.  The stage was big, with a lot of open space in front of it, all the way until the area with the tables.  The roadies were quickly walking back and forth, getting the stage area ready for the concert.

"Man, being on this side really makes me appreciate those roadies.  They do so much and are so underpaid.  I think I'm gonna send our roadies fruit cake!"  I laughed at Zac's "briliant idea".

"Oh yeah Zac, they'll love you for that."  I rolled my eyes and turned to look at the various people that were around us.  Slowly, as time passed, more and more people trickled in.  Then, all of a sudden it was time for the concert to start.

The opening act was alright.  Some local unknown band.  Then Our Lady Peace came on.  Zac and I left our table and went to the front where everyone had gathered for the concert.  We slowly made our way into the crowd and began pushing towards the front.  Trying to get as close to the stage as we could.  Then, OLP came on.  They started with "Somewhere out there".  I was enjoying the concert.  Then, the croud started picking up people and making them croud surf to the front.  A lot of people were falling down.  I looked at Zac who was standng in back of me.  He grabbed my arm so that no one would take me.  It seems the croud was loving grabbing the girls and picking them up.  Then a disgusting looking man turned to me and yelled to his friends.  I didn't know what was going on, and I was scared out of my mind.  His friends came over to me and picked me up.  I started screaming for them to let me down.  They grabbed me and touched me all over.  It was horrible.  I looked down at Zac who was trying to get me back. 

"Help!  Zac, please get me down.  Stop!  Please!"  More and more my shouting was becoming begging.  Tears started to form in my eyes as I tried desparatly to get down.  The men had a firm hold of me.  Then, slowly, new hands started to violate me, as I was being passed to the front.  I looked back at Zac, tears in my eyes, and he was trying hard to tear through the crowd.  He was yelling and pushing trying to get to me.  Then, as if in slow motion, I started to fall.  I gasped, trying to grab onto anything I could.  I heard a sickening crack and everything went black.


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